Songwriting, Marketing, & Building Your Brand With Music

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Songwriting, Marketing, & Building Your Brand With Music

About This Course

Published 2/2014 English

Course Description

As the artist “Manafest” I’ve sold over 300,000 Albums Worldwide over 1,000,000 singles and toured 20 different countries!

Let me teach you how to build a successful brand and launch your career as an artist.

This course gives you access to me to ask any question about your music or the industry.

Have you ever dreamed of touring the globe, performing for thousands of fans, sharing your music and message as an artist?

This could be YOU; you just need to start today, by writing and recording your songs!

The perks from being an artist are endless – Brand Sponsorships (free stuff), performing on stage, signing autographs for adoring fans, selling merchandise, getting paid to tour the globe, hear your songs on the radio and being your own boss.

I created this course to help you overcome your fears about the Music Industry. To help you choose a performance name, genre, write songs, record and have a finished product ready to sell. I’m a 4 Time Juno Nominated Rock Artist & Record Label Owner selling over 200,000 albums and hundreds of thousands of singles world wide. This is not head knowledge. This is real life experience from the trenches of a 10 year plus career in the Music Industry.

This course will teach you what you need to know to get you started off on the right path in your artist career.

You will learn:

How to overcome your fears and believe that you have a song to share with the world.

How to take action and stay committed while building your brand as an artist.

How to decide on a music genre, stage name and the audience that you want to play your songs for.

How to write and structure great songs for your audience as we dive into verses, choruses and lyrics that share your message.

How to setup your home studio, record your demos, hire a Producer and have your songs mixed, mastered and ready for release.

Tour Smart and learn how to book shows in both churches and clubs plus how to market so you can sell it out.

Social Media Marketing: Learn how to tell your story on social media building a real fan base and most importantly build your email list.

Free Bonus Sections:

– 10 Ways To Make Real Money With Your Music

– My Technique For Writing Songs

– CD Baby vs TuneCore (choosing a digital distributor)

– Step by Step Tutorial: How To Upload Your Music Online

What are the requirements?

  • Laptop or Computer
  • Internet Connection
  • A Dream & Commitment

What am I going to get from this course?

  • Learn How To Build Your Brand
  • Learn How To Setup Your Studio
  • Write & Record Songs From Scratch
  • How to market your music on social media (Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, Instagram)
  • How To Book & Promote Shows (Clubs & Churches)
  • $10,000 a Month Touring Strategy
  • Learn How To Hire a Producer
  • Upload Your Music For Sale Online
  • Conquer Fear & Take Massive Action Towards Your Dream

What is the target audience?

  • Songwriters
  • Singers
  • Rappers
  • Musicians
  • Anyone That Desires To Share Their Music But Doesn’t Know Where To Start
  • Marketers


Section 1: Welcome Video
Watch First
Section 2: This Is Your Time!
Believing In Yourself
Stop Caring What Other People Think
Fail As Fast As You Can
Take Action
Section #2: Action Steps
1 page
Stay Committed
Section 3: Building Your Brand
Lifestyle Design
Deciding on a Genre
Choosing An Artist Name
How I Built a Brand From One Idea
If I Had To Start All Over Again This Is What I’d Do
Section #3: Action Steps
1 page
Section 4: Introduction To Songwriting
Knowing Your Audience
Choosing a Song Title
Song Structures
Writing Lyrics
Writing Lyrics Part II
How To Write a Great Chorus
My Technique For Writing Songs
Bonus Instrumental For Writing: Human (Pop/Rap)
Bonus Instrumental For Writing: Impossible (Rock)
Bonus Instrumental For Writing: Never Let you Go (Singer Song Writer)
Section #4: Action Steps
1 page
Section 5: Recording & Sound Equipment
Recording Software
Studio Space
Jack of all trades master of none, Hire a Producer!
Section #5: Action Steps
1 page
Section 6: Touring Smart
How To Book a Show at a Church
How To Promote & Book a Show At a Club
Preparing For The Live Show
Winning Over The Audience Every Time
How To Sell From Stage
Action Plan: What to do next! Important
Section 7: Smart Social Media Marketing
How To Setup Website, Register Domain & Start Collecting Email Addresses
$10,000 a Month Touring Strategy
Pro Tip: Podcasting – I don’t know why more artists aren’t doing this
Section 8: Bonuses
Bonus #1: 10 Real Ways To Make Money With Your Music Part I
Bonus #1: 10 Real Ways You Can Make Money With Your Music Part II
10 Real Ways To Make Money With Your Music: Action Steps
3 pages
CDBaby Vs TuneCore
Step by Step Tutorial On How To Upload Your Music Through TuneCore
Bonus #2: Dreams, Visions & Goals
10 Tips To a Successful Crowd Funding Campaign

Instructor Biography

Christopher Greenwood, Teaches 22 Courses: Best Selling Author & Entrepreneur

Chris Greenwood: Musician, Best Selling Author & Entrepreneur

Why are 19,000+ students enrolled in my Udemy courses?

As an entrepreneur, I have spent over a decade building multiple businesses in the music industry, real estate & online marketing. I believe in a no debt philosophy – and that good morals is good economics

Learn from someone living out everything he teaches!

Would you like to see how I make over $4,000 a month selling music online?

Would you like to become a world class performer and own the stage & my $10,000 a month touring strategy?

Would you like to see how I get Millions of views on my YouTube Videos?

Would you like to know how to Write a book from idea to published author?

Would you like to easily start an online business teaching with Udemy?

Enroll in my Udemy courses – you too can be doing all of this – and more!

Across the last decade and some change, Manafest has steadily cemented his status as one of the world’s most diverse, envelope-pushing and all around uplifting artists. His seamless, lightening-like blur between the spectrums of rap, hip-hop, rock and pop hasn’t just led to 300,000-plus album sales and five coveted Juno Award nominations (essentially the Grammy equivalent in his home country of Canada), but also more than 1,000 shows logged over four continents.

Course Features

  • Lectures
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