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Learn Microsoft Excel 2010 Advanced Course

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Published 11/2012 English

Course Description

Ideal for those seeking to enhance their Excel 2010 knowledge, the Learn Excel 2010 – Advanced by Simon Sez IT is a 7-hour training course covering advanced level Excel topics.

Microsoft has added very powerful tools to Excel over previous versions. Understanding these tools will save you time and energy combing through information. Learn how to create eye-catching charts and graphs (formatting axes and gridlines, showing basic trends, complex trends, even trends over time). Learn the differences between the various types of charts, relationships in data, and ways to show differences.

Discover methods to make your exceptions stand out so you can attack the anomalies and use the data to make your operations better. Excel’s tools are covered in depth which includes discussions on and are setting up live charts, Sparklines, color scales, and icon sets. Your data will become alive as you identify key action items and understand the meaning behind the numbers. Learn how to use Pivot Tables combined with Pivot Charts in powerful ways. You can move columns and rows to understand how the numbers relate more easily than ever before.

Finally, once you have analyzed the data you will need to share it; ascertain the method for exporting charts and graphs for the best presentation.

Plus, when you sign up for our class, you’ll also get these 5 BONUSES in addition to the 30 online course videos:

  1. Downloadable & printable keyboard shortcuts – to help you save time and get your work done faster.
  2. An online quiz (35 questions) – to test what you’ve learned.
  3. Downloadable & printable transcripts (over 120 searchable pages) – to give you another learning option, if you prefer reading but don’t have time to take notes.
  4. 7 hours of downloadable MP3s to play on your favorite audio device – to help you learn in the car, while you walk, or in the gym.
  5. A certificate of completion to tell everyone you’ve aced the course.

Where else can you find so many extra tools to help you master Excel 2010?!?!

So start learning today. Because being a technology dinosaur isn’t going to get you a promotion or raise!

All of our videos are high-definition videos, therefore, they are best viewed with the HD setting on, and the videos enlarged.

What am I going to get from this course?

  • Four basic steps to consider when creating charts and graphs.
  • How to better format your charts and graphs like professionals do.
  • Discover how to deal with complex trends in your charts and graphs.
  • Learn how to use a bar chart and a pie chart to accentuate the differences in a data set.
  • Discover the tools and options for exporting your charts and graphs.
  • Discover the limitations of pie charts and the best way to correct them.
  • Learn how to use Pivot Tables and Pivot Charts.
  • Learn how to integrate graphics into your spreadsheets.

What is the target audience?

  • Those seeking advanced Excel training


Section 1: Chapter 1 – Basic Steps for Charts & Graphs
Introduction to Advanced Excel 2010
IMPORTANT – Read this to ensure the best video quality!
Four Basic Steps When Creating Charts/Graphs
Additional Features to Help Create Charts/Graphs
Additional Features to Help Create Charts/Graphs Part 2
Excel 2010 keyboard shortcuts
6 pages
Course transcripts
129 pages
MP3 audio files
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2 pages
Section 2: Chapter 2 – Layout Tab
Detailed Formatting for Charts/Graphs
Formatting Legends within Charts/Graphs
Formatting Axes and Gridlines within Charts/Graphs
Section 3: Chapter 3 – Trends
Trends within Charts and Graphs
Complex Trends within Charts and Graphs
Trends over Time within Charts and Graphs
Section 4: Chapter 4 – Differences
Showing Differences Using Bar Charts
Showing Differences Using Pie Charts
Limitations with Pie Charts & How to Correct
Alternative Ways to Show Differences
Section 5: Chapter 5 – Relationships
Course Review
Using Charts & Graphs to Show Relationships
Using Charts & Graphs to Show Relationships Part 2
Section 6: Chapter 6 – Stock
Charting & Graphing Financial Information
Charting & Graphing Financial Information Part 2
Specific Charts for Finance Information
Setting Up Live Charts
Section 7: Chapter 7 – Sparklines
Using Sparklines for Data Visualization
Section 8: Chapter 8 – Data Bars
Using and Formatting Data Bars, Color Scales & Icon Sets
Section 9: Chapter 9 – Pivot Tables
Setting Up Pivot Tables/Charts
Setting Up Pivot Tables/Charts Part 2
Filtering Pivot Tables/Charts
New Features for PIvot Tables/Charts
Section 10: Chapter 10 – Graphics
Graphics Tools
Graphics Tools Part 2
Section 11: Chapter 11 – Exporting
Exporting Charts and Graphs
Exporting Charts and Graphs Part 2
Section 12: Course Quiz
Assessment Test
33 questions

Instructor Biography

Simon Sez IT, Software training to help you succeed

Since 2008, individuals, small businesses, and Fortune 500 companies with thousands of employees have benefited from the easy and hands-on software training offered by Simon Sez IT. With 80+ courses and 4,000+ video tutorials on a range of software programs, Simon Sez IT ensures stress-free eLearning and enhanced employee productivity – no matter whether you are implementing new software or a technological upgrade for your workplace. With over 250,000 Udemy students in over 180 countries, Simon Sez IT is the preferred eLearning choice for individuals and businesses everywhere.

Course Features

  • Lectures
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