Affinity Designer: The Complete Guide to Creating Vector Art

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Affinity Designer: The Complete Guide to Creating Vector Art

Course Description
Are you ready to blow people’s minds?

Go from amateur to “iPhone App Design Badass” by using the power of prototypes. Learn to take a blank page and transform it into a complete, high-fidelity, and interactive prototype on your phone.

Design iOS assets from scratch using flat design (so trendy).
Create complete flows and pixel-perfect screens (so sharp!).
Prototype your creation on any smartphone (so smooth).
Reproduce amazing transitions and interactions with no coding at all (so smart).
(Warning: High Risk of Mind Explosions)

I’ll walk you through the entire process, while skipping the boring theoretical knowledge. You will go straight to the juicy stuff, and start building the app of your dreams right away. For the prototype, we’ll be using the free tool Marvel App (coming soon: InVision) and the design will be build on Adobe Illustrator (free trial available).

So, why did I create this course?

Working as a designer, documentation is often the main deliverable for clients. The problem is that when dealing with complicated interactions, documents get bulky and hard to read (google search: boring). Nobody wants to see an app on paper, they want to play with it on their phone; tap, swipe, scroll, and do a little dance. That’s why I found that creating quick mock-ups and prototypes were a more powerful way of telling a story. People are amazed to see the idea in action and you end up looking like a total champ.

Who is this course for?

This course was made for beginner to advanced designers who want to improve their skill set and want to show how their creations actually feel on a phone. Or for anyone that wants to mock-up their ideas in a realistic way.

Entrepreneurs will find this course useful to bring their dreams to the real world in an easy way. Pitching a prototype to investors will have them writing checks in no time.

This course will also prove valuable for UX and user testing. Upon completion, your designs will be transformed into interactive, high-fidelity products – without the use of expensive programmer$$$.

What you’ll learn

In this course we’ll start from a blank screen until we have a complete iPhone 6 app. You will follow along through the entire process.

We’ll build a fashion shopping app following common iOS 8 patterns in navigation, animations, layouts, icons and graphics, buttons, interactivity and even color and typography. We’ll prototype a signup flow, an onboarding screen, discovery flow, search screens, and user settings. We’ll create product detail screens, brand pages, a selection menu, a tabbed menu, an image slideshow, and you’ll even be able to put your smiling mugshot as a profile pic. Sweet, right?

Prototyping is powerful

Creating a prototype as a mock-up or final delivery allows for greater interaction with the product and a better understanding of how it works. It’s an impactful way to present an experience or tell a story. People know how to interact with products.

Stop documenting. Start prototyping.

Take a look at the introductory video and take my free preview. I look forward to seeing you inside.

What are the requirements?
Free Marvel App account
Free Dropbox account (minimum)
Illustrator CS6 or higher
Basic knowledge of Mac/PC operative systems
What am I going to get from this course?
Know how to create iPhone 6 screens and assets
Prototype complex flows easily
Simulate iOS8 transitions and interactions
Put their creations on a phone
What is the target audience?
Graphic Designers
UX designers
Anyone that has an idea for an app
UI designers


Section 1: Introduction
Quick tips on how to take this course
Section 2: Turn paper sketches of a video player into a mobile prototype
Introduction—What you’ll learn and what you need for this section
Let’s start drawing our wireframes
Understanding Marvel App
Taking pics of the sketches with Marvel App
Creating your prototype—Linking screens with hotspots and adding transitions
Let’s see how good you got!
5 questions
Congratulations – You finished your first section!
Section 3: Designing the layout
Setting up your file
Setting colors
Fonts and logo
First image background
First screen and buttons
Let’s see how good you are!
2 questions
Introduction flow
Signup flow
Onboarding flow
Tabbed navigation
Let’s test your skills!
2 questions
Section 4: Design the content screens
Feed Section
Feed Section – Hot
Discover Section
Product Detail
Product Detail – Image Slider
Product Options Panel
Quick quiz!
1 question
Search Section
Brands Section
Section 5: Design the user settings screen and final details
Let’s check those artboards!
User Section
Settings Section
Icon and Details
Section 6: Create Prototype on Marvel
Export and Import
Adding Actions and Transitions
Hotspots on intro
Setting up the signup flow
Hotspots on Feed Section
Setting up Discover, Product, and Brands
Section 7: Testing your design on your phone and desktop
Testing on Desktop
Testing on iPhone
Section 8: Create a signup flow prototype on a whiteboard
Introduction—What you’ll learn and what you need for this section
Drawing your signup flow on a whiteboard
Creating the prototype with Marvel App
Creating the prototype with Marvel App (detail screen)
Let’s see how good you got!
3 questions

Instructor Biography
Pablo Stanley, Product Designer
Hello, I’m Pablo Stanley. I’m a San Francisco based product designer. I love solving design puzzles, making silly illustrations, composing geeky music, creating colorful animated gifs, munching veggie burgers, and writing punny comics.

Mentoring is one of my new found passions. I want to learn and teach as much as I can and Udemy is the best platform for it.

Course Features

  • Lectures
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